About Karmuka

A message from Sarah Coombes, Founder & Director

Karmuka is a new greetings card publisher, offering clean and fresh design with a conscience.  It is a family orientated business, which I founded in London, in 2017.

At Karmuka we value inclusive design and production, mindful of both people and planet. As a born and bred Londoner I had a desire to produce images of those in my city, in my extended family and community, and to share these with them as well as the rest of the world. Our designs reflect the global community, providing greeting cards for a diversity of customers.

Our products embrace innovative and environmentally conscious materials as well as digital production processes.  We consider the lifecycle of our products. Our greetings cards are made in the UK helping to ensure ethical working conditions.

We will shortly be developing a charity card range.  Previous to setting up Karmuka I devoted almost two decades to a professional career in the charity and community sector, both in the UK and abroad. I remain passionate about working with this sector, albeit in new ways.

We are inspired by ancient ideas about colour and light, and a desire to incorporate their benefits into modern life. Colour is a universal language.  Everyone responds to the vibrations of colour.  Colour can help to create moods, to inspire and excite, or to relax and contemplate.  It can have an impact on your physical and emotional health.

Karmuka means rainbow in Sanskrit. It’s 7 letters correspond to the 7 chakras of the body, which are also the same 7 colours of the rainbow.  We need exposure to all the colours of the rainbow to be healthy. We need to balance all our chakras to be well.

At Karmuka we aim to blend some of these ancient ideas around colour and light with modern materials, techniques and products.  We would like to inspire people to investigate the benefits of using colour and light to improve their well-being and help them to cope with the challenges of modern life.

Though our use of colour we wish to bring the consumer a positive experience, be that exciting and uplifting or calming and reflective.  We want to allow an intuitive reaction to our design, which we hope resonates with each individual on a practical and spiritual level, bringing a sense of well-being to both the purchaser as well as receiver of the card.

As we broaden our range the value of colour and light will be explored more explicitly, but remain friendly and accessible.

Through our focus on ethics and well-being we aspire to bring balance to the consumer, giving you Karma neural design. Our consideration for people, planet and spiritual harmony helps to off-set the impact of our product. We see ourselves as part of the growing movement to make ethical consumerism an accessible norm.

Collaborative working is very important to us. We embrace creative input from our artists, we work with experts in card production and distribution, and welcome advice and feedback from retailers and agents. Keeping up to date with industry trends and supporting others in the sector we feel is essential to success. We are a member of the Greetings Card Association, and would like to thank them for their support. Whilst we are clear and passionate about our values and aspirations, we see our business as a collective force. 

We hope Karmuka’s greetings cards bring both retailers and customers as much joy as we have had making them! Good karma all round.

Aside from all that we just love greetings cards. And spreadsheets. And pink.

Best wishes,